MARSARS Water Rescue Systems, Inc. is an ice rescue equipment manufacturer known for its modern approach to rescue from a safer distance. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by being the leading provider of safe, high quality water and ice rescue gear.

What makes us different?

MARSARS Water Rescue Systems, Inc. modernizes your ice rescue program. Mr. Bob Davis, President and Founder of MARSARS provides products, encompassing his company’s advancements in water and ice rescue technology. “Self Rescue, Reach, Throw, Row, and Go” is an adage we rescuers live by. Why rush in with some type of close-in “quick rescue method” that places a rescuer at risk of being grabbed and/or climbed on! Most open minded ice rescue professional instructors now promote the use of modern MARSARS gear for rescue. Gear that professionals have developed for newer techniques that improves both speed of response, and overall safety to patient and rescuer alike.

“We’re all about hope.”