Ice Rescue Suits and Accessories

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Mustang® Ice Commander Rescue Suit


  • Neoprene face guard and knee reinforcement/padding
  • SOLAS reflective tape
  • Heavy duty full-length zipper provides a water tight seal
  • Self-adjusting safety harness
  • High performance urethane-coated nylon exterior
  • Insulated gloves with textured palms

Mustang® Pro Ice Rescue Suit


  • Neoprene face guard and knee reinforcement/padding
  • High performance urethane-coated nylon exterior
  • Detachable AirSoft™ foam inner buoyancy liner
  • Covered and watertight heavy duty diagonal entry zipper
  • Ergonomic ice awl sleeve pockets
  • Self-adjusting safety harness
  • Adjustment straps on torso, legs, and wrists

Mustang® Ice Commander Rescue Suit, Ice/Swift Water Tech Vest, Helmet, and Head Directed Lighting

i12 PPE

  • i14: Ice Awls
  • P23: Helmet: Yellow or Red with SOLAS grade reflective tape
  • P31c: Ice Rescue Whistle
  • P33e: Head Directed Lighting
  • PFD16m: Technical Vest Features:
    • Front tether connection to D-Ring for ice rescue
    • Tether connection to rear for swift water rescue that allows escape

Stearns® Neoprene Suit

i595 / i595os

  • Widely used by North American ice rescue teams
  • One-piece neoprene suit offers buoyancy and protection against extreme enviornmental conditions
  • Constructed of 5mm (3/16″) neoprene foam
  • Waterproof zipper seal
  • Face flap
  • Redesigned tighter fitting hood
  • Thigh pocket
  • Elbow/knee chafe protection
  • Sizes: Adult Small or Universal or Adult Oversize

Imperial Ice Rescue Suit


The Imperial Ice Rescue Suit is an ice rescue suit made of easy to repair, breathable shell fabric with cordura reinforced wear areas. The suit was designed with specific public safety agency input to provide a robust, user-repairable, easy-to-don, and affordable solution with all the features needed to get the job done in extremely cold environments.

Dry-Suit Hanger


  • Largest Dry-Suit hanger
  • Ideal for drying and storing ice rescue suits
  • Long, wide shoulders ventilate suit to speed drying, reduce mildew, and odor
  • Prevents damage – less creasing and tears to fabric material
  • Prolongs suit life
  • Holds up to 100 lbs. of weight
  • Measure 27″ long x 5″ wide

13 or 22cm Ice Screw

i3 (13cm) /i4 (22 cm)

Used to establish land or ice based anchor points. Includes:

  • Protective plastic shroud that prevents storage damage

MARSARS Land or Ice Anchor Kit


Used by a single person to leverage victim from icy water or fasten line tether to a secure anchor point. Anchor kit includes:

  • 1 inch x 5 ft black tubular web endless sling
  • Black SMC non-locking carabiner
  • 13 cm ice screw

Ice Rescue Suit Replacement Liners

i12j / i12n / i12h

  • Ice rescue replacement liners

Order item: i12j Liner for i12a Suit (IC9001)
Order item: i12n Liner for i12m Suit (IC9002)
Order item: i12h Liner for i12g Suit (Derflex)

Ice Rescue Suit Repair Kits


  • Stearns® – Item i13c
  • Mustang® – Item i13d
  • Tear-Aid® – Item i13j

Ice Rescue Signal Whistle


Whistle features imprinted ice rescue whistles signals for STOP, ADVANCE, TAKE UP, and HELP.

Ice Awls


In rescue, Ice Awls are essential tools that enable rescuers to advance towards incident.

MARSARS Ice Awls with Wrist Case


Ideal self-rescue tool for snowmobilers.

  • Worn over suit’s sleeve like a wrist watch
  • Immediate accessibility
  • Afixed atop forearm of outerwear
  • Black Cordura® case construction with hook and loop covered elastic band
  • Fully adjustable

MARSARS Rescue Grip Ice Awls

i16a / i16e

Rubber coated ice awls with attached lanyard are available in the following options:

Order item: i16a Rescue Grip Awls
Order item: i16e Rescue Grip Awls w/ Wrist Case

MARSARS Knife with Wrist Case


Carried to cut accident victim’s seatbelts of partially submerged motor vehicles. Tethered to prevent loss. Ball attached blade facilitates one hand opening.

Shredder SAR Fins


Swim twice the speed with half the effort. For water, ice rescue, or ocean rescue.

  • Hydrodynamic split blade design
  • Provides efficient water flow for improved thrust
  • Increases speed
  • Greatly reduces ankle and leg fatique
  • Adjustable buckle for customized fit
  • Designed to fit all ice rescue suit boots
  • Size: Adult Universal

Order item: P40 (SAR Fins only)
Order item: P40B “STRAP” (SAR Fin Replacement Strap)

Mustang® Ice Rescue Suit Repair Kit


Repair minor damage to Mustang® Ice Rescue Suit. Kit includes 2 tubes of seam grip and nylon patches.

Dry Suit Sealant

i8 Series

Intended for dry suit repair, Aqualseal is a unique urethane rubber compound that cures to a flexible rubber product. COTOL – 240 is a cure accelerator for Aquaseal.

  • i8 Aqua Seal 3/4 oz. tube
  • i8b Aqua Seal 8 oz. tube
  • i8d Aqua Seal 3/4 oz & COTOL-240 1/2 oz tube
  • i8a COTOL-240 1/2 oz.
  • i8c COTOL-240 4 oz.

Ice Suit Zipper Lubricant


  • Heavy duty formula
  • Multi-dive lubrication on all types of zippers
  • Eases closure
  • Reduces wear
  • Protects against rust, chlorine, and salt damage
  • Contains no silicone or paraffin

Ice Suit Zipper Cleaner

i13a / i13b

  • Brush top applicator
  • Removes sand and algae while delivering lubricant to surface
  • Contains no silicone or paraffin

Order item: i13a Suit Care Zipper Cleaner
Order item: i13b Suit Care Zipper Lubricant

Anti-Slip Soles

ISOL (Two Straps)/ISOL SS (Three Straps)

  • Provides assured traction
  • Vibram rubber soles are fastened by Velcro straps
  • Replaceable case hardened steel cleats
  • Chevron tread soles
  • Actual weight: 1.6 lbs.
    • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.

Order item: ISOL (state size)
Order item: ISOL SS (Lg or XLg) features additional strap and improved velcro

Water Rescue Helmet, Half Cut


Protect ice rescuer’s head from injury.

  • Fits over hoods of most modern Ice Rescue Suits
  • Specify color when ordering: Red or Yellow

Order item: P23u (Adult Universal)
One size fits most

Water Rescue Helmet, Full Cut


Protect ice rescuer’s head from injury.

  • Size XL fits over hoods of most modern Ice Rescue Suits
  • Specify color when ordering: Red or Yellow

Order item: P23a (S,M,L,XL)
Order item: P23os (XXL)

Water/Ice Rescue Helmet Accessories

  • P23d: SOLAS Grade Retro Reflective Tape for Helmet
  • P29a: Personal Marker Light with Velcro Helmet Attachment
  • P31ch: Ice Rescue Whistle with Velcro Helmet Attachment and Lanyard
  • P33e: Head Directed Lighting

SOLAS Grade Retro Reflective Tape for Helmet


Ice Rescue Technician’s helmet should be marked for night time use.

  • 1 inch width
  • Pressure sensitive application

PML to Track Rescuer’s Advance with Velcro Helmet Attachment


Track rescuer’s advance with bright flashing military grade colored LED marker light.

  • Color matched to helmet and tether bag or reel
  • 5 year battery
  • Dual function battery
  • Waterproof
  • Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, or White

Ice Rescue Signal Whistle with Velcro Helmet Attachment and Lanyard


Whistle features imprinted ice rescue whistles signals for STOP, ADVANCE, TAKE UP, and HELP.

Head Directed Lighting


High intensity waterproof headlamp features:

  • High and low power
  • 3 beam modes: Spot, Diffuse and Red Diffuse
  • Waterproof to a 10m depth
  • 65 lumens

MARSARS Water Rescue Response Bag


28″ length x 15″ High x 15″ wide

  • Heavy duty 1000 Denier Cordura® nylon
  • Zippered entry with 2″ carry handles
  • Response type is displayed on one end of the bag’s exterior
  • Colors: Yellow or Red

MARSARS Ice Rescue “Hot Zone” PPE Kit

M5 (bag only) / M5 PPE Kit

The M5 PPE Kit includes:

  • Mesh life jacket storage bag
  • 4 one size fits most buoyant vests
  • 4 ice rescue whistles

Mustang® Universal Sized Vest

PFD 13e

  • Donn in seconds
  • Three adjustable belts
  • Large holes for mobility
  • SOLAS tape on shoulders
  • One size fits most

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