Throwing Devices

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Rescue Stick


  • Can be thrown accurately 100ft or farther
  • Automatically inflates within seconds when immersed in water
  • Provides emergency flotation for victim
  • Easy to re-arm and repack

Life Rings w/ Line Bags


Keep ring buoy with rope rescue ready. Ring attached rope deploys tangle-free from bag.

Multiple sizes:

  • 20″ Ring/60′ Rope (LR20.6)
    • or 100′ Rope (LR20.10)
  • 24″ Ring/60′ Rope (LR24.6)
    • or 100′ Rope (LR24.10)
  • 30″ Ring/100′ Rope (LR30.10)

Throw Cushion w/ 60′ Line


Used for land or boat-based rescues. Keep it simple! Cushion is a USCG Type IV Throwing Device. Ideally suited for first on-scene public safety vehicles.