Beach Rescue Gear

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600′ (183m) Ocean Rescue Bag


  • Mesh bag construction
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • To add length, bottom end of the line is detachable
  • Buoyant shoulder strap
  • The hand-over-hand repack method assures tangle-free line deployment

PWC Rescue Sled (10 or 12 Handle)

PWC LS1 (10 Handle)/PWC LS2 (12 Handle)

Designed for victim extraction within seconds.

PWC Sleds feature:

  • 5000 lbs. strength towing point
  • 450 lbs. load capacity
  • High-impact, foam hull with interior metal skeleton
  • Soft to kneel on deck
  • Large slip-resistant handles for grasping
  • Rear of swallow-tail shaped hull facilitates centerline loading of victim
  • LS1 measures: 62″L x 36″ W x 4.4″H, Weight- 38 lbs.
  • LS2 measures: 74″L x 41″ W x 4.5″H, Weight- 53 lbs.

600′ or 800′ Ocean Rescue Reels

T150-6 (600′)/T150-8 (800′)

  • An ideal multi-victim device
  • Less time needed for rescue
  • Minimizes rescue swimmer’s fatigue
  • Quick put-up
  • Tangle-free line deployment
  • Includes “Rescue Hand Signals”
  • Shoulder carry strap provides mobility
  • This buoyant reel features foam-filled shoulder strap, 1/4″ – 800 lbs strength line, swivel hook with float

400′ (122m) JB Bucket

T400 JB

  • Easy to grasp grab handles
  • Neon Orange colored, 1/4″ diameter buoyant line tether
  • Tangle-free line deployment
  • Bucket’s cover shields line from damage caused by ultraviolet light exposure

40″ Surf Rescue Tube or 50″ Waterpark Rescue Tube

RFD38a (40″)/RFD38c (50″)

  • Designed for surf, river, pool, pond, or lake rescues
  • Rounded edges for rescuer comfort
  • Ensolite foam construction with heavy vinyl covering
  • Complete with 2″ shoulder strap, and 6″ tow leash
  • 40″ Tube includes snap hook w/ rings
  • Measures: 40″ x 5-1/2″ x 3″ or waterpark version that measures 50″ x 5-1/2″ x 3″

28″ or 33″ Patrol Rescue Can

RFD105 (28″)/RFD200 (33″)

  • Constructed of tough linear plastic
  • 2″ nylon shoulder strap, 10′ leash
  • Pebble-grained surface to reduce slippage
  • Weights: 28″ = 3 lbs, 33″ = 5 lbs.

Rescue Swimmer Set


Set includes:

  • Seal mask
  • SAR fins
  • Snorkle

Shredder SAR Fins


Swim twice the speed with half the effort. For water, ice rescue, or ocean rescue.

  • Hydrodynamic split blade design
  • Provides efficient water flow for improved thrust
  • Increases speed
  • Greatly reduces ankle and leg fatique
  • Adjustable buckle for customized fit
  • Designed to fit all large ice rescue suits
  • Size: Universal

Order item: P40 (SAR Fins only)
Order item: P40B “STRAP” (SAR Fin Replacement Strap)

Fin Belt


  • A waist belt for mask, fins, etc.
  • Size: Adult Universal
  • (30″-56″)

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