Small Boat Rescue

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Man-Overboard Rescue Sling


This is ideally suited for inflatable boat-based rescue. This device is designed for vertical hoisting of conscious, uninjured victim from water.

Man-Overboard Rescue Sling w/ Hoisting Adapter


For larger vessel person-overboard recovery by buoyant sling. Attached 6′ length hoisting adapter’s large opened handles allow vertical hand-over-hand hoisting of conscious, uninjured person.

Man-Overboard Hoisting Adapter


This optional 6′ length hoisting adapter can be connected to increase hoisting height. Connection hardware included.

Buoyant Recovery Net & Case


Most recovery nets are made out of buoyant polypropylene fiber that floats. Take it from your fellow public safety folks that found it’s not fun trying to sink a buoyant net beneath a bloated body. MARSARS’ high quality recovery net features:

  • Hooks on storage case for hull attachment
  • Non-buoyant polyester net construction
  • Weighted ballasted recovery net
  • Buoyant outer boom keeps submerged “U” shaped net affloat
  • 6′ wide x 7′ length

Underwater Body Recovery Drag


Side Scan SONAR technology will soon make recovery by body drag a thing of the past. Until then though, MARSARS will offer this high-quality “Made in the USA” recovery device that features:

  • Stainless-steel rod construction
  • Quick assembly
  • 46″ sweep width, 11.5″ hook spacing
  • Storage container

Body Recovery Bag


Poly mesh construction facilitates fluid drainage. 7′ overall length bag, with full length entry zipper, and 6 carry handles.

Reach Pole System 1


System 1 provides the essential tools needed for a first on-scene boat based underwater recovery attempt to a 3-10′ depth of a drowning victim. For greater search depths, additional extensions are available. Boat hook adapter with handle is used to pull boat to safety or fend off danger. On scene of a drowning incident, quickly search bottom to a 3′-10′ depth vertically by pole fastened Grapnel. Kit includes:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle
  • Stainless steel extension
  • Grapnel
  • Boat Hook Adapter
  • Heavy duty storage bag

Optional extensions available for greater depths

Reach Pole System 4


With boat hook adapter attached, buoyant pole is used to fend boat away from danger or pull boat to safety. Ideal for passing a tow-line for small lightweight tows such as personal watercraft.
System includes:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle
  • Storage bag
  • Spiral tow-line hook adapter
  • Tow hook

Family Flood Evacuation Kit

PFD Kit 1

Provide evacuees with properly sized PPE jackets.

Kit includes:

  • Mesh lifejacket storage bag
  • 4 youth/adult sized vests
  • 2 Child sized vests
  • 1 infant vest
  • All vests are USCG approved

During day or night emergency evacuation, these orange-colored vests can be quickly donned right-side or inside-out. Assures proper sizing.

50′ Second Chance Rescue Throw Bag

B4L (50′)

  • Length: 50′
  • Designed for full-distance first, and if you miss, second throw can be done within 20 seconds.
  • 50′ throw bags are recommended for small boat-based rescue
  • Whiffle™ ball improves throw distance and release

Throw Cushion w/ 60′ Line


Used for land or boat-based rescues. Keep it simple! Cushion is a USCG Type IV Throwing Device. Ideally suited for first on-scene public safety vehicles.

Ring Buoy with MARSARS Rope Bag


Keep ring buoy with rope rescue ready. Ring attached rope deploys tangle-free from bag.

RFD20.6 (20″ ring buoy w/ 60′ rope in bag)

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