Reaching Rescue & Underwater Recovery Devices

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The following selection of MARSARS Reach Pole Systems have been designed to extend user’s reach for small boat towing, close-in surface ice rescue, or limited depth underwater recovery.

Reach Pole System 1


System 1 provides the essential tools needed for a first on-scene boat based underwater recovery attempt to a 3-10′ depth of a drowning victim. For greater search depths, additional extensions are available. Boat hook adapter with handle is used to pull boat to safety or fend off danger. On scene of a drowning incident, quickly search bottom to a 3′-10′ depth vertically by pole fastened Grapnel. Kit includes:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle

  • Stainless steel extension

  • Grapnel

  • Boat Hook Adapter

  • Heavy duty storage bag

Optional extensions available for greater depths

Reach Pole System 2.1

RPKB 2.1

System 2 was originally designed for a rescuer to extnd and place buoyancy on two side-by-side cold water immersed victims that share a common ice mantle. The more recent 2.1 system now includes a Shepherd’s Crook Adapter with tether for safer distance pet rescues. From a safer distance of nine feet, the rescue devices in this kit allows one to extend a tethered buoyant sling or pet rescue lasso. Kit includes:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle

  • Buoyant non-constrictive sling

  • Sling adapter

  • Shepherd’s Crook adapter

  • 110′ pet rescue line with Lasso

  • Line bag

  • Heavy duty storage bag

Reach Pole System 3


From land or boat, search bottom to a 20′ depth. Extend a buoyant sling for ice rescue, or the shepherd’s crook for rescue/recovery. Kit includes:

  • Buoyant Reach Pole Handle

  • 3 Extensions

  • One Grapnel Adapter

  • Boat Hook Adapter

  • Rescue Sling Adapter

  • Shepherd’s Crook Adapter

  • Storage Bag

Rescue/Recovery Pole System 3.1

RPKB 3.1

System 3.1 is a versatile package that grants your team the means to conduct a land or boat based underwater recovery attempt, multi-victim ice rescue, and pet rescue. System 3 contents plus 110′ pet rescue bag/lasso.

Reach Pole System 4


With boat hook adapter attached, buoyant pole is used to fend boat away from danger or pull boat to safety. Ideal for passing a tow-line for small lightweight tows such as personal watercraft.

System includes:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle
  • Storage bag
  • Spiral tow-line hook adapter
  • Tow hook

Small Boat Towing Kit

RPKB 4.1

This system provides the essential components needed for safer, small boat towing. And yes, I know, many public safety customers do not tow but hey, I have a pretty good idea you will do what’s needed to save lives aboard an imperiled vessel that is headed towards danger. With boat hook adapter attached, buoyant pole is used to fend boat away from danger or pull boat to safety. Ideal for small lightweight tows such as personal watercraft.

System includes:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle
  • Storage bag
  • Spiral tow-line hook adapter
  • Tow hook
  • 50′ buoyant 9,000lbs mbs tow-line

Reach Pole System 5.1/5.2

RPKB 5.1 (20′) or RPKB 5.2 (35′)

This system gives the ice rescuer of surface based boat crew the means to make a rapid underwater recovery attempt. Doing so, reduces the risk of injury that divers face; also bringing quicker closure to a family’s loss as well as your time spent on scene.

  • Kit RPKB 5.1 includes buoyant handle and extensions for a 20′ overall length needed to search a 15′ depth.
  • Kit RPKB 5.2 for a 35′ overall length needed to search a 30′ depth.

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Reach Pole System 6


System 6 offers a safer reaching tool for surface boat or land-based rescue/recovery teams. This boat or land-based tool is designed to recover free floating victim(s) to safety. Overall length with shepherd’s crook attached is 13.5′. This heavy-duty recovery tool is completely buoyant.


Packed within a foam lined storage container, the MARSARS Body Drag is designed for rapid assembly and deployment. For safety, the stored device takes up less space plus prevents both inflatable boat deflation damage plus accidental personal injury from hook puncture.

Features includes: Non- corrosive stainless-steel construct 46″ sweep width, 11.5″ hook spacing

This high quality MADE IN AMERICA device is moderately priced @ $399.00 plus shipping.

MARSARS Coated Extension


  • During freezing conditions, sure-grip non-slip coated surface provides firm hold
  • Non-slip rubber grips prevents hand from accidentally freezing upon contact to wet metal surface
  • Identical in length to our uncoated extension
  • Designed for sure-grip use in freezing conditions

MARSARS Swift Water Extension


This uncoated Reach Pole Extension is inherently buoyant. If accidentally dropped, polyethlyene foam flotation prevents loss.

MARSARS Recovery Grapnel Adapter


Designed specifically for land or boat-based underwater body recovery.

  • Stout stainless steel tool
  • Large blunt tines to snag a submerged victim with minimal risk of puncture

MARSARS Boat Hook Adapter with Spur


The “Boat Hook” is long recognized as an essential tool for safer boat operations. In use, grab of hook pulls objects to boat. Fend/push away from danger with spur.

  • Boat Hook Adapter w/ Spur: 10 1/4″ (26 cm) length
  • Stainless steel

MARSARS Rescue Sling Adapter


For child or side-by-side multi-victims. The use of this adapter enables ice rescuers to extend the buoyant MARSARS Cold Water Rescue Sling.

  • Rescue Sling Adapter: 16 1/2″ (42 cm) length
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rubber grip

MARSARS Shepherd’s Crook Adapter


Keep your rescuers high and dry. When properly used, this recovery tool places distance and device between victim and rescuer. Often prevents unnecessary risk. Ideal shore-based river rescue tool.

MARSARS Reach Pole Carry Case


Contains Reach Pole System handle and extensions.

  • Tough 40 oz. vinyl coated polyester
  • YKK heavy duty zipper and carry handle
  • Color: Black

MARSARS Cold Water Rescue Sling


This sling is a cold water rescue flotation device (RFD) used to outfit a victim with independent positive buoyancy.

  • RPG Sling increases rescuer’s reach by 33″
  • Provides approximately 16 lbs of buoyancy

Order item: RPG

The boat hook is an essential safety tool that is needed to fend your craft away from danger or pull it to safety. For use at night, boat hook features a pencil groove that indicates hook’s direction of attached adapter.

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Fill out the form below to get pricing information.