Hypothermia Patient Care

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MARSARS Hypothermic Stabilizer Bag


  • Thick polyester pile liner
  • Six carry handles
  • Snug fit for full body contact
  • Full CPR accessibility
  • 360˚ access
  • Double zippered for less invasive access
  • Compressible storage bag now included.
  • Optional waterproof storage bag

Compressible HSB Storage Bag


Replacement compressible storage bag for Hypothermic Stabilizer Bag

Waterproof HSB Storage Bag


Optional waterproof storage bag for Hypothermic Stabilizer bag.

Upper Truncal Rewarming Kit


Designed to treat a cold, traumatized patient (mild to moderate hypothermia) with active warming to patient’s upper trunk. Essentially, this kit is used to surround the heart with heat. In use, the heater pad is centered under the back, beneath the heart. Universal size gives range of use from a child to a XXXL adult size.

This reusable heat kit consists of:

  • One, long 8″x44″ length heating pad

Pad is covered. Velcro™ covered web straps are included to prevent movement.

Activating the reusable heating pads starts an instant crystallization process that produces up to 130° F heat within seconds. To prevent blistering, heaters are covered to reduce heat to 110° F.

Heat packs used in this kit are the only reusable, medical grade heat packs that are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.