Small Boat Towing

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Assemble your own Small Boat Towing Kit that works for your Agency

The components below can be used for safer, small boat towing.  Many Public Safety Departments do not tow, however if there is a vessel that is headed towards danger, this is the solution your Department should have when you need to protect the lives of victims on a inoperable vessel. With the boat hook adapter attached, a buoyant pole is used to fend boat away from danger or pull a boat to safety. Ideal for small lightweight tows such as personal watercraft.  

Photo shows possible items you can assemble to build your own kit:

  • Buoyant heavy duty wood handle
  • Storage bag
  • Boat adapter
  • Spiral adapter
  • Tow hook
  • 50′ buoyant 9,000lbs mbs towline

Reach Pole System 1  


(Includes: Wooden reach pole with buoyant handle, 1 metal pole extension, and storage bag)

    Boat Hook Adapter 


    The “boat hook” is long recognized as an essential tool for safer boat operations.

    • The grab of hook is used to pull boat to safety.
    • Use the spur to fend boat away from danger.

    Boat Adapter Kit


    The Spiral Adapter and Tow line hook with a reach pole can attach or detach a connection point on the hull of a boat from a safe distance. 

    This unique Tow Line Hook eliminates the unsafe practice of having to lean overboard to attach / detach the hook.

    Rigging to Pass a Towline

    • Spiral adapter is connected to handle
    • Attach and position tow hook to center of towline eye
    • With towline eye hanging clear, insert main part of towline between curved spiral adapter, as shown
    • Tow hook is opened by pulling towline eye through spiral adapter

    Connecting Towline to a Disabled Vessel’s Bow

    • Hook attached towline is rigged to spiral adapter
    • Pull towline to position hook against spiral adapter
    • Hook is held open by tensioning towline
    • Opened hook is connected to disable vessel’s bow pad eye*
    • With hook connected, retrieve/remove spiral connected adapter from towline

    *Stern pad eye viewing was used in this sequence for a better understanding of this procedure

    Towline Disconnection

    • Spiral adapter is rigged to towline
    • Push spiral end against tow hooke, push pole to open hook
    • Hook remains open by maintaining line tension
    • Remotely disconnect hook attached line

    50′ Tow Line


    The use of buoyant towlines has become a norm for the professional small boat towing community. Towline/propeller entanglement is a common risk that all inexperienced public safety boat operators must fce. To minimize this risk, we offer several high quality buoyant tow line kits of 9,000 lbs. minimum breaking strength.

    Features include:

    • Buoyant towline kit
    • Two legged bridle
    • Connection shackles
    • Mesh carry bag

    Grab points of all spliced eyes come with a chafe protected coating.

    100′ Small Boat Towline


    200′ Small Boat Towline


    300′ Small Boat Towline


    We offer 1/2″ diameter yellow Double Braided Nylon towline. Both ends feature large 2′ tow eyes with movable chaffing. All eyes are factory spliced and lock stitched.

    Spool, Shield and Shackle Assembly

    TL SSS

    Unlike conventional thimbles, this connector assembly is easily installed into or removed from the towline’s soft eye. 1.1 Ton Working Load.

    10′ Tow Bridle Set


    Bridles are used for towing sail and larger recreational vessels. With this kit, you’ll receive a pair of 10′ x 1/2″ diameter double braided nylon Tow Bridles. Each leg includes movable chaffing, and large 2′-length eyes.